Social Networking a must for Birmingham businesses

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A report out today suggests that 1 in every 6 minutes spent online is spent on Social Networking sites like Twitter, FacebookLinkedin and Tumblr. This marks a fantastic opportunity for Birmingham businesses to reach out and communicate with potential clients that would otherwise be out of the reach of their traditional marketing campaigns.


To get the customers to come to you, you must first go to them. The modern customer gets their news online, on their iPad, via Twitter or word of mouth on Facebook not via newspapers. If you’re still advertising in newspapers you’re fighting a losing battle, while your competitors are winning by engaging customers online via Social Networking.


Over the last year, as a company we’ve seen a dramatic rise in the number of clients asking us to integrate Social Networking features into their site. Whether it be a simple “Like us on Facebook” link or feeding news articles from their sites into Facebook and Twitter we’ve done it all and seen the traffic flow as a result!


Social Networking is a lot more than just  shouting about your products in a new place. It’s about engagement. The companies that excel at Social Networking understand that the key to success is to spend less time talking directly about your product and more time engaging the customer. Being Social allows you to interact with the client and tailor your sales approach to their needs. It also allows you to control the perception of your brand in the market place.


Dell tracks 25,000 conversations about its brand and products daily (in 11 different languages) and engages a thousand users a week via Twitter. Whilst this level of engagement might be out of the reach of most small businesses Dell’s dedication shows how worthwhile networking really is.


On that note we’d like to encourage you to follow us on Twitter! @kawebdesign and @kawebhosts (our hosting divison).


If your business is in need of a social media makeover please get in touch and discuss how we can help you engage your customers!

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