So You’ve Launched Your New Website, Now What?

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Great news your brand spanking new website is now live on the web after months of planning, consultation and hardwork, but this is only the beginning and it’s important to keep up the momentum for your new website to succeed. With your competitors also likely having some form of online presence your website will need to constantly evolve to attract new visitors and to fight its way to the top of that all important search engine ranking. We’ve put together a guide of just a few of the things you should be doing or thinking about;


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Although your website should have already been optimised during development it always good to regularly review and refocus on the keyphrases you wish to target and know your customers will be searching for. Highly relevant but targeted keywords/phrases are more likely to be successful and less competitive for example , unless you are the new Amazon the phrase ‘printer suppliers Birmingham’ would be much more beneficial than trying to fight with the big boys with the keyword ‘printers’.


Page Titles; Sell yourself and your pages to your potential visitors, not only do Google and other search engines place prominence on keywords and phrases appearing in your titles they are also the first thing the user will see when searching. If your titles are not representative of the content on the page or are dull and interesting you’ve already lost a potential conversion.


Meta Description; Use this to extend your pitch to the user, highlighting keyphrases that reassure them that your site is what they are looking for and that you can provide them with a solution whether this is simply answering a question or supplying a product that they need.


Page Content; You’ve taken time to write or re-write your site content and you may feel that’s it there’s nothing more to say especially if we are talking about pages that include statements that are unlikely to change but no page should ever be neglected. Keep on top of your site by removing any old data, no longer offer a service make sure you don’t reference it on your about us page for example. Take time in your review to access if your pages are using your keyphrases effectively, only using a keyphrase a couple of times on one page? Find ways to introduce it in other areas through calls-to-action and in-linking.


Alt Tags; Do all your images have appropriate descriptions in the alt tag? This is a great place to add your keywords and phrases and is used to rank you in image searches widening your reach to an audience you may have previously missed.


301 Redirects; If you have redeveloped your site check that any old url’s are redirecting to your new pages and generally when removing or editing pages ensure that they can always be indexed and that any deleted/modified url’s are pointing to a relevant location ensuring you don’t lose any of your hard earned authority with the search engines.


Inbound Links; If you’ve not started getting links to your site on other relevant online resources then now’s the time to start. Inbound links can bring new visitors to your site and if featured on corresponding sites the visitors are more likely to be interested in your products/services leading to more conversions. Don’t just submit your site to hundreds and thousands of link farms, the more merit-based and natural the backlink the higher it will be ranked by search engines as being a positive thing.


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Monitoring your site statistics through mediums such as Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics is one of the best ways of not only seeing how your site is doing now but if analysed correctly will give you an idea of what could be improved to increase visitors and conversions. Google tools allow you to;


  • See visitor numbers over a customisable period of time including basic location details;
  • Track where your visitors leave your site, how would you encourage them to stay?;
  • Monitor campaigns, separate numbers for those who have found your site organically and those that have clicked on of your ads;
  • Goal creation, track how many visitors have completed your enquiry form for example;
  • And much more…


Site statistics are a great tool in your arsenal but don’t panic if you’re not seeing the results you expected in the first few months. This goes especially for visitor numbers, unless you are an information based website not looking for sales or enquiries the number of conversions you have is more important. Set and track goals, if your conversion numbers are low in comparison to your site visitors you may want to look at whether you’re targeting the wrong type of user using non-relevant keyphrases or not making conversion points obvious enough on your site.



Content is king! If you go away and do nothing else continue to keep writing relevant content that uses your keywords/phrases but is ultimately interesting and readable for your users. Whatever your business there is always something to write about whether it’s that new back end management system you’ve put in place for your orders or a new member of your team. These can be in the form of posts in an on-site blog, news articles or events, it’s your site the world is your oyster as they say. As long as you regularly continue to add fresh and appropriate content to your site the more search engines will have to work with and gives users more ways to find you, just make sure you don’t get too enthusiastic and overstuff paragraphs with randomly placed keywords and phrases.


Don’t forget your site is just one in a sea of many, try to get your content on other relevant sites with a good authority through guest blogging and article submissions including a link back to your site where possible or at the least the name of your business.


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Wondering whether social media marketing is right for your business? The short answer is ‘Yes’, regardless of what you do social media is a great way to reach a new audience and drive repeat business. Not only are your communications instant, tweeting, updating your status or posting new photos takes seconds meaning that you get a lot back from in relation to time spent.


Connect with your customers on a more impersonal level showing off your great customer service by answering queries and getting involved in discussions. Build relationships not just with customers but also with other businesses to return retweets/posts so your brand makes an impressions not just on your followers but there’s as well.


Build profiles;


  • Google + & Google Places; Basically now tied together, Google loves if your business has a Google+ profile, keeping it up-to-date will only help boost your rankings with them and associating a location with your business means you’ll also appear in local searches.
  • YouTube; Great for building your social profile, creating and uploading videos is easier than ever and is a different and interesting way to promote your business with the ability to reach a huge audience. You can and should also embed your YouTube videos on your site to attract the attention of your customers to an important announcement or promotion.
  • Facebook & Twitter; Still two of the most popular social media mediums, connect with customers and businesses alike keeping everyone updated with what’s going on with you, promote, advertise and generally spread the word about your brand on a regular basis.
  • Pinterest; Show off any fantastic images you have that people may not have associated with your brand before, perfect for attracting a new type of customer.
  • Forums; often forgotten about but still very popular. Join discussions and when appropriate and permissible promote your services and post a link to your site.



If your not utilising email marketing then your not using a medium that could reach more customers than any other social media site. Not only is sending an email marketing campaign relatively cheap and cost effective they are also targeted to users that you know are going to be receptive to your business increasing the likelihood  of conversions. It’s a great way to generate revenue by advertising new products and services but also brings your brand to the forefront of people’s minds.


The great thing about email marketing is that you can see the results with most providers offering monitoring and statistics so you can track the success of each of your campaigns (Kaweb HTML Email Campaigns).



Spread the word! Whether this is using Google Adwords to target your keywords/phrases in Google search results which if done well is rarely unsuccessful or by buying or gaining an advertisement slot on another relevant site.





Don’t neglect your mobile users, for most businesses visitors from a mobile device count for around 35% of their total visitors. If you’re site isn’t responsive and you don’t already have one consider a having a mobile version of the site which work across all platforms and is a paired down version of the main desktop site specifically targeted at those using a touch screen device. Show off your main features and give quick and easy access to the most used pages such as contact and news to make the most of the smaller screen space, linking to your full site also gives user the option to access your whole site if they choose.


Thought about an app? Have an idea that will promote your business but will also interest a wide variety of users? An app is a different way in which your potential customers can interact with you and is a promotion tool that you may be missing out on. Easily accessible and once downloaded always visible on a users device, you offer instant, one-step access to your businesses services and products, there’s also no reason why it can’t also be an extrra revenue stream especially if you your an ecommerce site.


Wondering why or if you need both a mobile site or app, ready our opinion – “Mobile Site Or App? Both!



Most important of all is to give your new site time, success doesn’t happen over night! Be realistic about your keywords/phrases and keep spreading the word about your business through social media, writing blog posts and articles.


Things do change overtime, Google are constantly working on new algorithms to rank your site and so will other search engines. Keep your ear to the ground for the latest industry news and how changes may affect your site so you can always be a step ahead of your competitors.


Kaweb Web Design are able to offer the following services; Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Management, Mobile Web & App Development, Marketing, Graphic Design.


Contact us on 01543 414564 to discuss your requirements and how we can help.


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