Recent move to new datacentre that boasts 100% Renewable Energy

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You may have noticed (via Twitter) that we recently moved our hosting services – they are now located at a brand new datacentre in Enfield, London.


Whilst the datacentre facilities, provided by our current provider, Coreix, will largely make use of the same network features as existed at our previous facility – the real difference (apart from a shiny new DC building as opposed to the more ‘street’ dc in Stratford) is the green credentials of this place.


It boasts 100% renewable energy with Renewable LECs and will guarantee that an equivalent unit of accredited renewable energy is generated for every unit of grid energy used, an example of the mix of sources is as follows:


Renewable LECs received by technology for period Jan 09 – Dec 09
Biomass 14.9%
Hydro 0.6%
Landfill gas 19.6%
Municipal & Industrial Waste 9.5%
Off-shore wind 7.3%
On-shore wind 47.9%
Photovoltaics 0.002%
Sewage Gas 0.2%


The main benefits to Kaweb are:


  • Onsite Parking – wh-eyyy… this is a real plus!
  • Improved facilities for the maintenance of our hardware;
  • Dedicated server ‘build’ area;
  • It’s 25 minutes closer to us (we can do it in around 2 hours);
  • Less important of course, but nice… hot desking facilities and a kitchen!


The technical benefits include further improvement on the network as well as the building itself.


As is always the case with this kind of stuff, this bit can get a bit ‘nerdy’, but here goes…


  • 24x7x365 onsite technical support for all customers
  • 100% renewable power
  • 100% uptime SLA
  • Diverse fibre
  • High capacity metro ring to multiple London datacentres
  • Fully resilient IP transit network
  • Built to exceed Tier III standards


With resilience features including:


  • Two independant sub-stations
  • Dedicated N+N UPS arrangement to all data halls
  • Centralised N+1 diesel standby generators
  • N+1 chillers and pumps serving both technical and plant rooms
  • N+1 CRAC units within each data hall with A+B Supplies
  • N+1 mist fire suppression system with VESDA detection
  • Dual power supplies (A+B) to all racks
  • Diverse fibre entry points to site


…and security benefits:


  • 24/7/365 Coreix manned NOC and on-site security team
  • Manned vehicle entry gate to site
  • Secure compound including bollards at building perimiter
  • Internal and external IP CCTV coverage
  • Man traps between common areas and data halls
  • Biometric security for data halls
  • Full authentication and access control policy


Should you require any further information about this and anything else to do with our hosting service, please get in touch.

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