Oleo 1D Rail

About This Project

A market leading specialist in energy absorption, Oleo had a very basic online presence that they needed pulling into shape.


This began with a complete overhaul of the site in terms of content with Kaweb helping them set out their different services in a clear and logical way. It then moved on to the inclusion of an ecommerce capability that allowed for registration sanctioning (across different services), account discounting as well as tying into an international delivery API.


It did not stop there – and we soon realised that we were going to become much more knowledgeable about rail buffers!


A very passionate company managing director led the charge for a first in the industry – an online 1D rail simulation system. Making use of existing code supplied by the client (as a standalone executable) we set about interfacing this and displaying the results in various guises (including a fully dynamic PDF that includes many different graphs).


The schematic below demonstrates the development stack for the project:


Oleo Development Stack


The site continues to grow with phase two of the rail simulation software taking shape and an industrial version (tied in to purchasing) also being looked at.



Launched 2012


E-commerce, Web Design