Online Tenancy Application new from Kaweb

Online Tenancy Applications from Kaweb

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Not happy with just making the payments of deposits and rent pain free and super fast with our online payment pages for estate agents, we’ve now taken the next logical step: making the tenancy application process easier!


We’ve all been there, you find the perfect property after months of searching and then the hard work truly begins! Form after form needs to be filled out and then delivered to the estate agent, which may not be open when it suits you  – or you don’t have a fax and who does snail mail these days?


The hassle is the same for estate agents. But it’s not just one form, one client, its hundreds of forms, hundreds of clients and hundreds of sets of handwriting to work out! Very quickly agents can get lost in a mountain of paper work which has to be processed, approved and passed on the to relevant credit checking agencies.


Kaweb working closely with our estate agent clients have developed a new online tenancy application process which replicates the existing paper-based version and allows prospective tenants to send in their application online – at any time of the day.


The secure form is made available against each rental property and uses validation techniques so as to get the necessary data as efficiently as possible.


Once successfully submitted, the application then gets sent by email to the agent (as well as going directly to a credit referencing agency if required) and is also passed into an admin area for future use by the agent.


This results in the agent receiving the application in a legible, branded format and enables them to proceed to the next stage in a far more efficient way – whether that be forwarding on the email to the credit reference agency, downloading it from the admin area and even creating a PDF version.


All in all, a slicker solution that makes life easier for the estate agent (as well as the user of course!).


You can see it in action over at our good friends (and great clients!) Nicholas Humpreys and Stoneacre Properties


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