Making Twitter work for you

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Last year we discussed that social media is a must for local businesses as the modern consumer spends 1 in every six minutes online on a social networking site like Twitter or Facebook. Since then we’ve been helping more and more businesses to integrate social media into their websites and their sales and marketing strategies.


Larger companies with dedicated customer service teams and marketing departments can easily turn Twitter to their advantage but it’s a lot harder for smaller businesses to use these networks to their advantage.


With this in mind over the past year we’ve been integrating social networking with our estate agency solutions, to provide an “auto-tweet” service, which takes the agents new stock (or stock that has new photos or a price reduction) and automatically tweet about them throughout the day. For some sites we’ve also set the site up to auto-tweet their news and blog posts as well.


Property Auto-Tweet:



News Auto-Tweet:



If your looking to get started with Twitter and not sure where to begin we’ve put together a quick twitter guide which should get you started.


Getting your social media presence on-brand is also key, we’ve been helping our clients by providing them with branding packs, containing all the imagery needed for Twitter, Facebook and YouTube – if you need a helping hand with your branding get in touch and our design team will find a solution that works for you.

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