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WordPress has become a well used service for websites – mainly because of it’s open-source development platform and ease of use. Because it is developed via a community based model – this can mean vulnerabilities can come about should sites not be kept up to date.


What can happen if WordPress sites are left untouched for too long?

Spammers scan sites and then target vulnerabilities for a plugin or specific WordPress version and then:

  • post spam based articles to the site; and/or,
  • inject a script into a form on the site that spawns emails to thousands of random emails or registered users of the site;


With either of the two issues above, this can be enough to bring the site down – causing disruption to your site (and sometimes our server) – meaning we would have to fix the site, remove infected files and then patch the vulnerability before making the site live again. This would come at a cost – and we could not guarantee when it could be done.


What needs to be done?

Website/data security is extremely important to us – and as such we are doing what we can to secure your data. With this in mind, we offer a service so as to safeguard the security of your site code (and data) as well as the hosting environment upon which all WordPress sites sit (as well as the integrity of the site code/db). Owing to known vulnerabilities that come to light for this well used platform – and the subsequent rollout of core code fixes and plugin updates ( – we now offer a ‘managed’ service.


This service involves us continually monitoring the site and updating it so as to avoid the possibility if any security breaches which means the site (and it’s data) does not get compromised and in turn our platform remains resilient to any new threats that may develop.


This means updating WordPress Security Updates as well as any third party plugins that reside within the application that could cause a potential threat as well as install security-based plugins that help lock any sites down to brute force attacks as well as DDoS attempts.


Each time we update the site throughout the year we will send you an email informing you as to what has been changed.


Should you not wish to use this service – that is fine, but would mean the responsibility of keeping the site up to date would fall to yourself (or a third party). We will periodically scan the site and advise you of any potential issues – should the site be left to get too out of date, we will warn you.


Please contact us should you wish to find out more about our WordPress Managed Service.

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