Kaweb rebrand to launch on 1st of April

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There’s some excitement in the camp at Kaweb… we’ve decided to rebrand.

We’ve gone for a more simple look, and integrated different colour ways for our more established service types – which will also undergo a makeover. These service types include our Hosting (new site to come very soon), Support, K-Kart, Kamailer, mappr and our iPhone App work.

The main reason behind the change was because we felt our current branding did not translate too well across the variety of digital media types we which to be doing more with in the future.

The current logo has served us well over the past few years but will be phased out over the coming week or so.

We’ve come a long way from the original¬† logo that we inherited when taking over Kaweb back in December 2004…


Look out for the same treatment being applied to the different services we provide very soon!