Kaweb launch new website!

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Part of our recent rebranding process has included the rework of our new look website.


We wanted the new site to help show off our work better as well as make better use of screen space, and be easier to navigate.


In editing down the main nav to only a few items, with careful use of ‘panelised’ sub-category items in the pages themselves we hope we’ve achieved an easier read for the user (even though we’ve added more content!) whilst our portfolio and case study pages show off our work to maximum effect.


We have also elevated the status of our blog (it was a little buried before), as well integrating our old News system into it so as to become a single resource for our comments on all things web, and of course, all the latest from Kaweb.


The portfolio section makes it easier to find our work on a per discipline basis as well as featuring case studies for a chosen few projects (with which we have also been able to include some great comments from our clients).


Watch out for more content coming soon!

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