Estate Agency Branding – What’s Changed and How We Can Help

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From ‘For Sale’ boards in the Front Garden… to ‘Like’s on Facebook – a lot has changed for estate agents over the years with regard to estate agency branding. These are our thoughts on what this has meant for agents breaking into what is still a very competitive market…


Kaweb started life in the advertising business many years ago… it was then that we developed skills in corporate branding – both in terms of creation and implementation.


Now, working with estate agents to create web design solutions, we are sometimes asked to look at complete estate agency branding for a company… usually for those starting out or rebranding.


A few years ago, I imagine that estate agents used to define their new branding upon a few factors:


  • What their new logo would look like on the sale board;
  • Colours liked (ensuring those used did not clash with other agents in the local area);
  • What their branding would look like on their stationery and in the press.


Not sure these are listed in priority (the above is my take on it) – but you get the gist of it.

With the explosion of the internet – things have changed somewhat haven’t they?


The typical startup estate agent that comes to us will have a pretty good idea of what they’re after – certainly the first two points above play a huge part in it. What has changed though is the concern of how their branding will play out on the internet – not just on their site – but also how it’s represented on the all important Rightmove as well as they’re own site and beyond (Facebook, Twitter etc.). The following describes the order in which we at Kaweb would tackle a rebrand for an estate agent (the examples used are for that of a good client of ours, Nicholas Humphreys – who are a multi disciplined agent, based in Loughborough – who we undertook a total rebrand for – with a need to maintain their red/yellow colourway).


The Logo

Colours, typeface, company ethos – all important , but how they’re combined means the difference between a memorable logo – or one that doesn’t quite hit the mark. Being a hugely subjective creative process, the client has the ultimate say.


Before and after examples of signboard work.

The All Important Signboard

It’s the chief component in getting an agent’s name out in the area they plan to operate – it advertises their name and puts them on the map. Of course, more recently the website address is up their with the telephone number as regards what should be shown on the signboard itself.


Estate Agent Stationery

At the centre of stationery requirements is the sales particulars sheet. This is honed so as to show off the property and often a template is supplied to the agent by us so that it can be incorporated into their third part software provider (the likes of Vebra, CFP Winman etc.).


Branch Fascias

Adapting to suit what is usually a horizontal format, this element is key in establishing an agent within their local area.


Branch fascia rebranding – before…

…and after.


Press Advertising

Agents are still taking up plenty of newsprint still (although this media has seen prices drop over recent years) – and being more of a vendor getter, it’s slipped somewhat on the order of priorities, but nevertheless is still an important part of an agent’s marketing arsenal. We develop skins to reflect the agent’s branding and supply the artwork and assets to the publication. This ensures that all fonts, colours, logos etc. match that of the main corporate branding.


Estate Agent Website and Social Media

We also show clients what the logo/branding would look like as part of their website header – and for those agents who are going to be part of social media sites – it’s also important to see how it looks within that environment also.


If you’re a startup or simply an agent that requires some rebranding work – why not get in touch?

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