Do Estate Agents need a native iPad App as well as an iPhone App?

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I was recently asked by one of our Birmingham clients who were enquiring about an iPhone App ‘…and will it work on an iPad too?’, ‘well, yes it will, but only as it does on the iPhone, it will remain the same size, and can be enlarged – but pixelates a little’ I say.


Of course, this begs the question… well, how much would it cost to do it properly for the iPad’... ummm, well, done properly I say …‘a fair bit more’.


Not what our clients want to hear, I then go on to say that given that we’ve just built a new website for them, W3C compliant, best practice SEO coding conventions deployed, browser tested to the hilt (yep, on Safari too, the default browser on Apple devices) – and it will run beautifully on an iPad (in landscape mode)… I then flip the question back to the client and suggest… ‘do you really need it?’


That’s where the iPad is a tricky sell in terms of selling iPad native Apps I suppose… it’s still big enough for a website to be browsed using traditional (is that even a word now in this context – the mobile landscape has changed so much!)  browsing technques, whereas it’s widely expected, that given the screen size, the iPhone needs to be more ‘finger-savvy’ (although, of course, many of our sites still run nicely – even on a screen that small).


So, as far as we’re concerned, if you’re an estate agent with a good website – you don’t necessarily need a separately developed iPad version of your App.

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